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The importance of the Music of Resistance

“It was from the sixties onwards that the popular resistance song – intervention song.- took on an artistically predominant role in the fight against fascism. It expressed revolt, fear and oppression, denounced and rejected fascism and repression, denounced exploration and colonial war Musicians such as José Afonso, Adriano Correia de Oliveira, Manuel Freire, Fausto, Padre Fanhais or Júlio Pereira, others were forced to leave Portugal, José Mario Branco, Sérgio Godinho, Luís Cília and Tino Flores , victims of fascism, persecuted, suffer strict censorship. They had the prison as their destiny”

From the collection of records of Carlos Neves, we prepares a small playlist of resistance music that were heard in and outside of the country, stirring a revolutionary spirit from the songs that validade and enhance the freedom of who listens to them.

“Refusing the Colonial War. A musical journey through Africa, Portugal and France”

In the scope of the exhibition “Refusing the Colonial War” held in April 2019 by the Association Memoria Viva / Mémoire Vive, partner of the #ECOS project, the playlist “Refusing the Colonial War” A musical journey through Africa, Portugal and France” was created. The exhibition integrates a set of photography, material, musical and documental archives that portray the exile of around 20.000 Portuguese people that escaped the colonial war towards France, remembering the history and the collective memory of these exiles, refugees and emigrants”. – Associaçao Memória Viva/ Memóire Vive.

For more informations, visit the website of the Association Memória Viva/Memóire Vive…/

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