Online Stage Reading of the play “Exílio(s)61-74”

Online Stage Reading of the play “Exílio(s)61-74”

In this workshop, directed by Ricardo Correia (Casa da Esquina) , the scenes of the original text (texts, testimonies, videos and soundscape) will guide the participants in order to create an online stage reading, via zoom, during which the process of construction of the debate aims to question the issues related to this Portuguese historical period. The issues of freedom, exile as a gesture of protest, the various mechanisms of struggle, the biographical account as construction of the individual, in the hopes of promoting the debate on freedom, citizenship practices and memory policies.

(c) Carlos Gomes/Casa da Esquina

Methodology of the activity:

1) Previous submission of the text for individual reading at home;
2) Essay 1: Presentation; Contextualization of the construction of the piece; Questions and answers;
Partial reading and distribution of characters; Final debate; Chores for home.
3) Essay 2: Full reading of the piece; Direction of actors; Creation of scenes in relation to the camera; Zoom recording.
4) Essay 3: Full reading of the piece with all the necessary elements; zoom recording.
5) Editing the recording, and launching online.

Video of the first edition
24,25 e 26 February 2021
Video of the second edition
10, 11 e 12 de March 2021
(c) Carlos Gomes/Casa da Esquina

To create a digital stage reading with public/recorded presentation and online launching. The workshop will be held in Portuguese

People older than 16 year old. Scholar, associative public, ex-exiles, and everyone interested in contemporary artistic practices;

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