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Article “Anthropology of Exile: Mapping Territories of Experience”
Part of this edition of the magazine Anthropology Today, the article “Anthropology of Exile: mapping territoires of experience” by the investigator Sónia Ferreira, coordinator of the project #ECOS, it challenges the reconceptualization of the category of “exile”, attentive to the various historical, socio-economic and psychologic dynamics that the experience involves.

Article “Escapar da Guerra” from Miguel Cardina e Susana Martins
This article analyses the role of deserters and draft evaders amongst Portuguese troops during the colonial war. Taking advantage of the recent discussion of the subject in Portuguese society, it seeks to further historiographical knowledge on the topic, bringing new information and interpretations on disobedience toward military enlistment.

Article “Arquivar o exílio, contrariar o silêncio: memórias, objectos e narrativas de tempos incertos” published in the volume nº38 of the Revista de História das Ideias. The text questions the practices of construction and preservation of archives as cultural devices that reflect a specific type of mobility

Book “Migrações e Exílios no Mundo Contemporâneo”

“This book deals with the different shapes, routes, experiences and cultures of migration and exile, mainly coming from Portugal, to territorial universes in Europe and America (…)”

Manuel Tavares carries this suitcase on his shoulder, as did Portuguese peasants as they arrived in
France in the 1960/1970s.

‘This suitcase is the object that better represents my personal pathway.
Laden with memories and brimming with hopes, it carries the dreams of a path that must be trod in
the search for liberty, equality and fraternity’

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