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O meu país é o que o mar não quer (My country is that which the sea rejects)
#Exílio(s) 61-74, part 1
Text by Ricardo Correia from collages of testimonials of Portuguese exiles, draft evaders and deserters, between 1961 and 1974.

Video of the show Exílio(s) 61-74

List of films on migration, Portuguese emigration and colonialism

This list of films on migration and colonialism is a further contribution to countering silence and adds to the available information on the matter.

Escapar da Guerra (Escaping war), article by Miguel Cardina and Susana Martins
This article analyses the role of deserters and draft evaders amongst Portuguese troops during the colonial war. Taking advantage of the recent discussion of the subject in Portuguese society, it seeks to further historiographical knowledge on the topic, bringing new information and interpretations on disobedience toward military enlistment. With this in mind, the authors revisit the stance of the various Portuguese opposition sectors regarding desertion, both in the country and in exile; examine the different typologies associated with the refusal of war; and gather new data on the subject, particularly regarding the quantification of the phenomenon, supplemented with analytical notes contributing to its contextualization.

Recusar a Guerra Colonial (Rejecting Colonial War), a musical journey through Africa, Portugal and France presented by DJ Mys 35.

Documentary O Trilho do Poço Velho (The Poço Velho Trail)

Director: Luís Godinho
Produced by Fernando Cardoso, AEP61-74
18 minutes

Manuel Tavares carries this suitcase on his shoulder, as did Portuguese peasants as they arrived in France in the 1960/1970s. ‘This suitcase is the object that better represents my personal pathway. Laden with memories and brimming with hopes, it carries the dreams of a path that must be trod in the search for liberty, equality and fraternity’.
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Turma 12º I (Class 12th I)

Engraving and serigraphy
Artistic creation course
António Arroio Arts School, 2019/2020

#ECOS: Recording Exile, Countering Silence: Memories, Objects and Narratives of Uncertain Times’ _ ‘Flowers blossom from shit’
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