Past and present

Dokk1 | Aarhus | Denmark
23 October 2020

In the past month of October, the #ECOS project in Denmark, through its partner University of Copenhagen organized the event Exiles: Past and present at Dokk1 in Aarhus. The event, with the participation of several former Portuguese exiles in Denmark, focused on their experience of the exile during the 1960s at that country.


The activity integrated the documentary Countering Silences: narratives of exile (2020) produced by #ECOS, and a debate with the characters that were present. It was also promoted a session on “Exiles and refugees in Denmark Today” with a round table dedicated to “Exile in Denmark and the reception of refugees: Past and present”. The public was invited to participate in a discussion on the experience of exile, in a perspective that connects the past narratives to the contemporary mobility processes in European context.

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