Pedagogical Worksheets #ECOS

From the material and documental archives of Portuguese ex-exiles, and with the collection of narratives and projects developed within the partnership of the #ECOS project and António Arroio Artistic school, we built a collection of Pedagogical Worksheets that allows to see, understand, by the format of descriptions and testimonials, the objects, documents, and biographies of Portuguese ex-exiles in Europe.

Organized in four collections – Memories, Objects, Narratives and Countering Silence – each group highlights an element about the exile in its past and present, by the use of memories and stories, and a section dedicated to the projets developed by the students of António Arroio Artistic School, in their own interpretations and inspirations about the theme.

The Pedagogical Worksheets can be used in digital format, or printed for the classroom context, or even for the construction of Exhibitions.

To see and use the complete collections as a pedagogical document about the themes of exile, contact us via e-mail

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