Inventory Records #ECOS

Inventory Records #ECOS

Using material and documental archives of the former political exiles, along with collected testimonies and the works developed by students under the partnership protocoled with the António Arroio Artistic School, we created a collection of Inventory Records that allow to display and understand, through depictions and narratives, the objects, the documents and the biographies of former Portuguese exiles in Europe.

Organised in four collections – Memories, Objects, Documents and Countering Silence – each record displays the memory of the exile in its past and present times through historical and remembrance practices, but also artistic interpretations, as those produced by the works developed by the students of Antonio Arroio Artistic School.

The Inventory Records can be used in its digital and printed versions and are designed as resource both for classroom activities and exhibition purposes.

For more information or access to #ECOS Inventory Records full collection, contact us through ecos.exilios@gmail.comor fill the below form:

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